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Photography: Not Only What, But How?

Chances are, you’ve probably taken a photo in your life. Unless you’re from the 1700’s, you’ve had a camera phone, or even a digital camera before. But what marks the difference between a picture on your phone and professional photography? Mainly, how¬†you’re taking the photo.

You have probably figured out that taking a picture is more than just snapping a quick photo without thought. Lots of thought goes into picture taking, basically¬†deciding on a subject and then working on the composition. This doesn’t mean that quick pictures aren’t quality pictures, but well thought out pictures have a lot more depth in them. Depth in a photo provokes the viewer to think about it. And isn’t the main purpose of art to make others think about what you’ve created?

Choosing a subject is relatively easy. Whether it’s a building, a flower in a garden, or even just a friend, it’s the easier half of composing a picture. The harder part has to do with lighting, framing,emotion, etc. Make sure the way your photo is set up flows well, and attracts attention. Try to use normal photography means of composition, like the rule of thirds, and make sure there isn’t too much or too little lighting.

Most all of all, while you’re taking the photo, think of one thing: is the picture conveying the thoughts and emotions you want it to?