Art supplies

Art Mediums

Many different artistic mediums exist. But which one is for you? Before you decide what what you want to make, what do you want to make it with?

One type is physical – like drawing or painting. Tools for this can be acrylic paint, watercolors, even just a pencil. This is the most common, since t’s something you’ve probably done all our life. There is also the option of mixed media, which would be a combination of two or more different mediums.

Three dimensional artistic mediums exist, too. Architecture is a genuine career as well as a type of art. Ceramics are also an easy access activity, via pottery classes. Sculpture is perhaps the most well known, due to the various amounts of materials you could use. Whether you’re carving a sculpture out of stone or making an ice sculpture, there’s something for you.

The digital art category contains more commonly and easily accessible art mediums. Photography is by far the most used, due to the fact that most people have a camera on their phones. Photography is a way to capture a moment, whether it be sightseeing, spending time with loved ones, or anything else that catches your eye. A more movable version of pictures are videos. Videos do what pictures can, but can be used for so much more, like making documentaries, or movies.

Another form of digital media is graphic design. Graphic design can take the form of images or animation. Animation is basically just like video, except it’s illustrations. Also, you could take a drawing you’ve made and make it into graphic design.

Whatever medium you decide on, take into mind what project you’ll be doing with it.